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New Jersey has the highest incidence of autism in the country. As these numbers continue to climb, doctors are the first line of defense and play a crucial role in early identification and treatment. With support and guidance from physicians, parents of newly-diagnosed children have an opportunity to begin receiving quality and intensive services at an early age.

When a parent comes face to face with an autism diagnosis, doctors can direct families to quality ABA providers so children can begin receiving services as early as possible. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) has decades of scientific research supporting its efficacy as the safest and most effective treatment for autism.

SEARCH is committed to helping families navigate the essential steps involved in planning and implementing effective services for their child. This is a multifaceted process which often requires the involvement of a variety of professionals who can support families throughout different phases of program development. SEARCH guides families and relies on the expertise of those in related fields to provide support and guidance in a variety of areas including: insurance support, program evaluation, obtaining funding for services, and securing future school placements for longer-term services should they be necessary. SEARCH and its network of professionals work closely with families throughout this process-driven journey to meaningful and lasting changes.

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SEARCH’s ABA program components include:

  • Full-day, twelve month programming
  • 1:1 student to teacher ratio
  • BCBA on site at all times
  • Individualized assessment and program design across a broad range of skill areas
  • Instruction in both structured and natural settings
  • Daily data collection and analysis to ensure meaningful skill acquisition and behavior reduction
  • Variety of behavior analytic teaching techniques, individualized to the specific learning needs of each child
  • Intensive staff training and supervision to ensure the highest-quality services
  • A minimum of 5 hours of BCBA supervision per week for each learner and instructor