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SEARCH Learning Group is located in Warren, New Jersey. Our learning center provides an ideal setting for our comprehensive educational model. Four classrooms, a multipurpose room, outdoor play spaces, as well as areas for small group instruction, and conference rooms for parent meetings and staff trainings provide staff and students a facility where we can work together to create meaningful and lasting changes.


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Our History

SEARCH Learning Group was established in 2005 by Carrie Kahana. Initially providing only home-based programs, SEARCH opened its first learning center in 2008. SEARCH then began to specialize its services and changed its treatment model to focus on providing only center-based and transition programming.

One of SEARCH’s primary goals is to provide superior and quality behavior-analytic services and provide an alternative to the limited number of spaces at the state’s best private schools for children with autism. SEARCH focuses on the individualized needs of each learner and provides highly-specialized, behavior-analytic services to target these needs.

Over the past decade, SEARCH has continued to tailor our comprehensive treatment model, allowing us to provide greater resources and guidance to families at each step of the way. Our ultimate goal is to have our learners receive the best possible intervention and optimal results. SEARCH aims to have learners reach their maximum potential and then graduate into the educational placement that best suits their needs as they grow.

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Individualized teaching procedures, instructional materials, and a curriculum tailored to each child’s needs creates ongoing opportunities for success.




Carrie Kahana, MA, BCBAFounding Executive Director

Carrie holds a Master of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She completed her behavior analytic coursework at the University of North Texas and has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) since 2007. In addition to being a BCBA, Carrie is a certified special education and regular education teacher. Early in her career, Carrie was involved in the creation of one of the state’s premier public school programs where she worked for 6 years. SEARCH, which was founded in 2005, was born from a desire to provide high quality, comprehensive behavior analytic services to families with children with autism. Carrie’s goal is to provide learners with the services they require, but also to provide parents with guidance as to how to navigate autism and the processes that are involved in appropriate educational programming and autism education. Carrie collaborates with the SEARCH team and is closely involved with programming and planning to facilitate the best possible outcomes for each learner and their family.

From parents

  • When our son was diagnosed with autism, it was upsetting, scary and confusing. SEARCH Learning Group provided not only him, but our entire family with the information, support, and tools he needed for success. Through hard work, exceptional ABA services, and the home support provided by their team of professionals, he has made remarkable gains. I credit them with not only changing his life but giving him his life back. My child recently started kindergarten unidentified and unsupported. He is learning, making friends, and loving school!

    -Parent of May 2014 Graduate
  • One of the best moments was when we found SEARCH Learning Group. They immediately implemented the appropriate programs for him to be able to learn. They helped him generalize the skills he learned at the center into our home. The staff at SEARCH is not only knowledgeable but also loving and made our son feel both happy and successful in their learning center. SEARCH prepared our son for his next placement by implementing similar programs and supports that are used at the premier ABA schools of NJ. We would not be where we are today without SEARCH.

    -Parent of August 2014 Graduate
  • SEARCH was one of our best decisions. The teachers are qualified, well-trained and consistently supervised by full-time BCBA's who are always on-site. The director is always there to listen and help and the administrative staff are wonderful. Our son made tremendous improvements during his time at SEARCH and is now placed in a private school placement. SEARCH is the next best thing to the premier specialized autism schools in NJ.

    -Parent of August 2014 Graduate
  • My son became a SEARCH learner when he was 2 1/2 years old. When he began at SEARCH, his receptive language was fairly strong but his expressive language was almost non-existent. During his time with SEARCH, he learned to communicate with many words and phrases and became much more verbal. My husband and I received weekly training both at the center and at home and learned how we could help our son by using ABA in our daily lives. Most importantly, his teachers and all the staff at SEARCH taught my son in a very loving, happy, fun-filled environment. Some of the best people I have ever met work at SEARCH!.

    -Parent of July 2014 Graduate

From professionals

  • As a special education attorney, I have seen many autism education programs and SEARCH surpasses them by far.  SEARCH is one of the highest quality programs in the state.  Carrie Kahana does an outstanding job at guiding parents through the entire process and my clients couldn’t be happier with the services they get at SEARCH.

    -Special Education Attorney, Northern NJ

From doctors

  • I refer newly diagnosed patients to SEARCH because I am continually impressed with the quality of their services.  They have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to tailor their instruction to address the diverse needs of my patients.  SEARCH is a quality organization that can give children with autism and their families the support they need.  

    -Developmental Pediatrician, Northern NJ